jalapeño poppers

I went to the other end of our house while these were baking and when I came back, whoa, was the air filled with jalapeño scent! Sounds a little overpowering, but if you like this kind of food, it was mouth-watering. Haha, think Scentsy has “Jalapeño” yet? :)

Baked Jalapeño Poppers || Drinkwater Kitchen

I left the stems on just so the filling didn’t go over all over the baking sheet, but a few of them spilled over a little anyway. It wasn’t bad. Next time, I might not fill them quite so over-full and also place them closer together to prop each other up.

Baked Jalapeño Poppers || Drinkwater Kitchen

Don’t skip the bread crumbs – it helps hold it all together and makes the best little crunch on top! I didn’t have any so I crushed up some mini toasts and that worked marvelously.

We decided this was a keeper recipe! Print it here.

Oh, and p.s. we discovered they’re totally fine reheated in the microwave, but it was best when we would refrigerate the filling & peppers and then make fresh every time. Enjoy!

high-altitude raspberry muffins

Definitely worthy of blogging about! These muffins were created for our altitude of almost 10,000 feet but the cookbook has adjustments for 3 different levels of lower elevations as well.

High-Altitude Raspberry Muffins || Drinkwater Kitchen

It’s best to eat these the first day due to the fresh fruit inside, but we ate leftovers for a couple days and they were okay – just not as scrumptious!

High-Altitude Raspberry Muffins || Drinkwater Kitchen

From the cookbook Pie in the Sky, they are originally called “Mom’s Blueberry Muffins.” The author talks about the unlimited variations these muffins can withstand – you can combine different types of berries or use blueberries and peach or nectarine slices, or sliced plums and raspberries.

Print the recipe here.

sarah’s pizza dough

To my recollection, I’ve only ever used 2 pizza dough recipes – at all altitudes. And they were both from friends in Peru years ago! This one is Sarah’s. It is the one I don’t use as much but it is the simplest. An extremely easy pizza dough recipe if you need something with few ingredients and quick!

Very Easy Pizza Dough || Drinkwater KitchenDid I mention it is practically foolproof? :)

Also, here is a trick to getting it onto the pizza pan:

Once it’s rolled out,

Very Easy Pizza Dough || Drinkwater KitchenWrap the dough around the rolling pin and hold over the pan.

Very Easy Pizza Dough || Drinkwater Kitchen

Now roll out across the pan. Reshape if needed. That’s it!

Very Easy Pizza Dough || Drinkwater KitchenVery Easy Pizza Dough || Drinkwater Kitchen

What are you favorite pizza toppings? I think, currently, mine are: tomato, green pepper, pepperoni & onion. I LOVE tomato on pizza!

Here’s the recipe.



whole wheat “easy cheesy” crackers

It may seem obvious but the motto of cracker making should be “the thinner the better.” I’ve made various cracker recipes that perhaps will eventually make it to the blog, but here’s one that we really liked! We even ate the “too thick” ones.

I did one batch in pretty flower shapes and then said, “Forget this!” and moved on to the efficient method. :)

Whole Wheat "Easy Cheesy" Crackers || Drinkwater Kitchen

Whole Wheat "Easy Cheesy" Crackers || Drinkwater Kitchen

Of course, the USA is the ruling nation on variety, right? 50 different types of everything on the shelves. Well, in Ecuador we don’t have that and that’s okay…but every once in a while I miss things likes Triscuits, Wheat Thins, etc. So, hello! Make your own variety!

Whole Wheat "Easy Cheesy" Crackers || Drinkwater KitchenThis really is an easy recipe (at any elevation) in the whole line of cracker recipes, so give it a try…

print it here.

breckenridge biscuits

I’m obsessed with my new cookbook I bought a couple months ago, specifically about high-altitude baking. I mean, I read it like a novel.

The author-cook {Susan G. Purdy} talks all about her trials with cooking at various elevations and I’m just over here nodding through it all. It’s been a joke these last few years to bake things properly, no matter what I try!

Well, I’m done trying to adjust my own sea level recipes. I’m all about following hers to the T, because they’ve been 100% successful so far.

High-Altitude "Breckenridge" Biscuits || Drinkwater Kitchen

These biscuits are now a permanently saved & hand-copied-onto-a-notecard recipe that I will always use here in Quito. They are just as fluffy-wonderful as they would be in Eugene, Oregon.

The author is incredibly thorough and detailed in each recipe, giving notes on elevations of 0; 3000; 5000; 7500 and 10,000 feet. My printable version will only show the 10,000 ingredients & instructions. If you live anywhere above sea level, seriously buy this book. And, no, the author has not asked for an endorsement nor even knows I exist. I told you I was obsessed. ;)

High-Altitude "Breckenridge" Biscuits || Drinkwater Kitchen


Print the recipe here.

Happy Valentine’s 2015!

Basically all my cookbooks and websites are “Americanized,” right? I can’t get the majority of ingredients favorite recipes call for, so I have to plan far in advance for treats like this.

Valentine's Day Red Hot Love Fudge || Drinkwater Kitchen

I came back from our latest Stateside trip with white chocolate chips and cinnamon oil… we had already brought the Red Hots down. :) That’s how much I wanted to make these, I know I have funny priorities…

I didn’t change a thing from this recipe I had pinned ages ago. The cinnamon really “dies down” in the ocean of white chocolate so it shouldn’t be too spicy for anyone. It was a grand combination.

Valentine's Day Red Hot Love Fudge || Drinkwater Kitchen

Hope you all have a great February 14th tomorrow and enjoy your loved ones to the max. xoxo

Print the recipe here.

valentine’s day cake pops

Looking Back: Originally posted on Feb 1, 2011.

In honor of National Cake Pop Day, I had to share this throwback to 2011!

Valentine's Day Cake Pops - for National Cake Pop Day!

My non-baby days are absolutely impossible to imagine. Honestly, there is no way I would use up my precious “free time” to make cake pops ever again, haha!

But those days were a blast. Remember, Bakerella and I go way back. #winkwink

Valentine's Day Cake Pops - for National Cake Pop Day!

She has dozens and dozens of ideas, beautiful creations and tips on how to make the best cake pops. There’s no way I could duplicate it and no reason to! Click here to check out her site.

Happy February and Happy Cake Pop Day!!

Valentine's Day Cake Pops - for National Cake Pop Day!

good ol’ chili

If you’re looking for a super simple chili recipe, this is for you.

It’s hearty!

It’s meaty!

It’s full of frijoles!

Good Ol' Chili || Drinkwater Kitchen

And just like many soups, it was just as tasty reheated.

I enjoy a variety of types of chili dishes – chicken, vegetarian, lighter, heartier… so I should share more recipes in the future…

But here is a classic! It’s easy to make (in a slow cooker) and great for a cold winter evening for all you not living on the Equator and in a different hemisphere than us. ;)

Print the recipe here.

zucchini lasagna

Sure, I’ve pinned so many things on Pinterest that I’ll never be able to make it all in one lifetime, BUT I am still diligent at trying new things all the time! This was one thing I had pinned for ages and finally tried. Super glad I did.

Zucchini Lasagna || Drinkwater Kitchen

I didn’t take pictures after it was cooked because, well, I don’t have a good camera or equipment to make something like messy it’s-already-dark-outside lasagna look even halfway decent. Here’s the blog I found the recipe on with beautiful photos.

But trust me. Mike and I ate ALL OF IT. Okay, not in one night but we devoured those leftovers.

Zucchini Lasagna || Drinkwater Kitchen

Prep takes a little longer if you don’t have a mandoline slicer, but I managed just fine.

To help reduce the liquid in the zucchini, I laid the slices out on paper towels, salted them and let them sit for several minutes. Then I squeezed them with paper towels, broiled them a few minutes and then squeezed them with paper towels again.  I am glad I did as I read a lot of comments about zucchini lasagna being quite watery. Definitely take the time to do this!

I would go out on a limb and say that even those who dislike zucchini would likely enjoy this. It acted more like the “texture” that pasta normally does than have any strong zucchini flavor.

Let me know if you try it! Here’s the printable recipe.

ritz-rolo cookies

Okay, I made these a long time ago and got other people hooked on them, too… so this is a must-share!

Ritz-Rolo Cookies || Drinkwater Kitchen

There are no Rolos in Ecuador that I know of, buuuut I had Mike bring down a bag on his last Stateside trip a few weeks ago so I totally need to make these again soon.

Ritz-Rolo Cookies || Drinkwater Kitchen

I couldn’t find where I found these originally so I went on a hunt. I’m annoyingly careful about giving credit where its due but it’s also in turn annoying to find blog after blog that credits the next that credits the next, etc. I THINK the original creator was Something Swanky‘s? Good grief. This is why I like cookbooks. Oh I miss my cookbooks…

Anyway! I’m not kidding about these! All skeptics shut their mouths after they experience the perfect blend of chocolate-y sweet and cracker-y salty. Plus, I only share recipes I like on here, so just trust me.

All you do is:

  1. Preheat to 350 F.
  2. Place crackers (salty side down) on baking sheet.
  3. Put a rolo in center of each cracker.
  4. Bake in oven until soft enough to easily squish down but not too melted or that just gets messy.
  5. Remove from oven and place another cracker (salty side up) on each. 
  6. Press down until Rolo reaches edge of cracker.

You can even make one at a time, but who would do that. ;) You need at least 20 at a time, ha.

Ritz-Rolo Cookies || Drinkwater Kitchen

One note – the couple times I made these we preferred them hardening for much longer than Something Swanky says (till they’re cool). It really can be eaten at any time, but we enjoyed it more after several hours (I know, torture, right). Whatever you prefer!

P.S. These will totally work for high-altitude dwellers. Nothing to it!


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